Partnership for the Education of Children in Afghanistan

Building Peace, One School at a Time
Core Values

"(Core values are) the organization's essential and enduring tenets, a small set of general guiding principles; not to be confused with specific cultural or operating practices... The core values need no rational or external justification. Nor do they sway with the trends and fads of the day."

Jim Collins
Theme 1: Educating Children in Afghanistan
Core Value Statement:
We believe that all children should receive an education, because education is the best means of achieving stability and safeguarding against extremist ideologies. Education is also a source of joy and inspiration and an end unto itself. We believe that Afghan children are victims of circumstances beyond their control, and that one of the ways to ameliorate the past injustices that they have suffered is to provide them with an education. Education is a source of social and economic advancement as well as a vehicle for teaching children to be good citizens.
Theme 2: Making Afghanistan a Better Place Than We Now Find It
Core Value Statement:
We feel a calling and sense of duty to help Afghanistan - whether by virtue of our Afghan heritage, our connections with family members in Afghanistan, our experiences as a guest in Afghanistan, our friendships with Afghans or Afghan-Americans, or our sensitivity to the impact that American foreign policies have had on Afghanistan. We understand and feel connected to Afghanistan, and we feel compelled to make Afghanistan a better place than we now find it. We have a desire to leave a lasting legacy to our commitment in Afghanistan.
Theme 3: Educating People in the United States about Afghanistan
Core Value Statement:
We have a special affinity for the nation and peoples of Afghanistan, and we enjoy sharing aspects of Afghan culture with people in the United States. We also feel that is important for people in the United States to understand the origins and nature of the political and social unrest that has impacted Afghanistan. We will focus on building relationships and partnerships with individuals and organization based on mutual respect.
Theme 4: Working as Part of a Diverse and Dynamic Team
Core Value Statement:
We enjoy working with board members who are diverse in terms of their backgrounds, skills, and perspectives, yet who all appreciate and share our affinity for the people and the nation of Afghanistan. It is pleasurable to work with people who are willing to volunteer their time, talent, and creativity, and who appreciate the resources, skills, and energy that we bring to the board. It is also rewarding to partner with a variety of organizations and individuals who support our vision of educating children in Afghanistan.
Theme 5: Our Role and Approach to Providing Assistance and Support
Core Value Statement:
Local Afghan communities know best what they need in order to have peace and stability; therefore they "own" the projects and take responsibility for sustaining the activity once we have given adequate support. They determine and prioritize the assistance needed. P.E.C.A. evaluates the request to determine if the project is within our mission to do and proposes a scope and strategy within our financial ability to undertake. An agreement is reached and the project is overseen by an independent party who reports to P.E.C.A..

A relationship with the Afghan community through recognized and respected leaders is an essential aspect of our work; therefore we are willing to develop a relationship through communication between residents of our respective communities. We are committed to a long-term relationship that builds a friendship between our communities after the project is complete. Expenditures will be made within or as close to the local community as possible. Whenever possible we will purchase materials locally and employ local people. If not locally available we will look to the next closest source.