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Our Mission

To actively assist, support and participate in helping the children in Afghanistan
by addressing their educational and public health needs.
Partnership for the Education of Children in Afghanistan

Building Peace, One School at a Time
A student wrote to us and said: "We used to study our lessons in our school when it had no surrounding wall, no windows, no doors, no chairs and no water. Some times in the past some students would become unconscious because of thirst and some became sick because of drinking unhealthy water. But now that time is gone and we have clean drinking water and our classes have doors and windows. We hope we get continued support from the people of USA."
Vocational Training Center
Our First Batch Graduates!
Four months from being launched, our first batch of students graduate!! Five boys graduated from a Computer Repair course and ten girls graduate from a tailoring course. Additionally, the boys received training in English conversation.

Please read below what some of our students have to say:
.....after completing this course I will not
work as a laborer. I will have my own shop and this is the best work I will have.
In the end, I thank P.E.C.A. for every thing they have done for us.

.....we are very happy with this tailoring
course and it is useful in our life. Now in the village no one will say you are useless
because I will tell them I am a tailor now , I am not useless and will make a sign
on my house and write on it "TAILORING".

.....We were in trouble because our village is so far from the city. To learn English and computer iun the city was too costly and our economic situation is bad. Now we have English and computer courses in our own village so we are thanking you so much.